Crucibles and bottom plate for Remelting Units

Better purity levels thanks to our copper

The Saar-Metall-Gruppe offers the full range of square, rectangular and round crucibles, base plates and other accessories for all common remelting processes (VAR or (P)ESR).

Benefit from our expertise:

Product details

Remelting processes are used in the steel industry if a material is subject to special requirements, especially with regard to increasing the purity level or homogeneity of the structure. In this case, the conventionally produced ingots are remelted using the following processes:

  • vacuum arc remelting (VAR),
  • electroslag remelting (ESR),
  • pressure/protective gas electroslag remelting (PESR).

During the remelting process, the material solidifies in copper crucibles of different designs, heights and diameters whose manufacture has been one of our specialities for many years. Both for the crucibles and for the base plates, we only use highly conductive copper materials from selected European manufacturers (Cu DHP or Cu HCP). Thanks to many years of experience and extensive production expertise, we can cover the entire range of products and services in the field of stationary and sliding crucibles for remelting units. These include, for example:

  • complete seamless crucibles (without welding seams) in a forged design;
  • crucibles with a seamlessly forged shaft and welded-on flange;
  • longitudinally welded crucibles with a welded-on flange;
  • forged or rolled mould plates and bottom plate;
  • design, construction and/or assembly of water jackets, water separation pipes and other crucible accessories made of rust-proof steels.

During use, the crucibles are subject in particular to wear due to surface damage or distortion. We can of course also carry out repairs (e.g. recalibration or rewelding) on and conversions of existing crucibles. One of our particular specialities are forged crucibles with drilled water-cooling channels for electron beam melting furnaces, e.g. for titanium production. All of these crucibles’ copper components are intensively water-cooled. The surrounding high-vacuum atmosphere means that the greatest demands are placed on the pressure-tightness of the components, especially the copper welding seams. A 100% inspection of these critical components according to strict quality guidelines ensures that our products meet these requirements.