connector end ring and Shrink Rings

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The Saar-Metall-Gruppe can supply you with seamlessly forged and ready-to-install connector end ring made of highly conductive copper and copper alloys for electric motors and generators.

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Our shading, dto, retaining and dto rings for all forms of electric motors stand out with their high and consistent level of quality. The seamless rings are preprocessed on our 2,000-tonne forging press. With a high degree of deformation, we create a very fine-grained structure and can establish excellent electrical and mechanical properties. This applies both to the highly conductive and deoxidised Cu-HCP copper grade and to the highly conductive and completely oxygen-free Cu-OF. High strengths with no change in toughness guarantee that our rings will have a long service life in your process. The rings are manufactured according to your drawings on our conventional and CNC machine tools. In addition to the classic (pure) copper grades, we can of course also supply you with our rings in the Copper Silver (CuAg) or Copper Chrome Zirconium (CuCr1Zr) alloys. Especially if higher rotation speeds are required, the material CuCr1Zr turns out to be ideal thanks to its higher strengths. Rings made of aluminium bronze or stainless-steel alloys are also used in special applications, e.g. for stabilising the rotor. Please contact us – our experts also have the optimum solution ready for your application. We can guarantee that we only use tested precursor materials from renowned and certified copper producers for the production of our rings. Thanks to our extensive stock of precursor materials and our high level of customer orientation, including in the field of production control, we are also able to meet your wishes within short and flexible delivery periods.