Contact Pads and Pressure Ring Segments

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The Saar-Metall-Gruppe offers the full range of contact clamps for electric arc furnaces (AC/DC), ladle furnaces, reduction furnaces and metal smelting furnaces.

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We have been supplying customers from the steel, metal-working and ferro-alloy industries with high-quality contact clamp for more than 40 years. For our forged contact clamp, we only use continuously cast precursor material (Cu-HCP) from first-rate European primary copper smelters. The material is hot formed on our 2,000-tonne forging press in a precisely defined sequence of forging and stretching steps. This is the only way we can we ensure the intensive, all-round deformation of the copper that is beneficial to the subsequent application. The extremely uniform and fine-grained structure of the copper guarantees the maximum possible conductivity. State-of-the-art CNC machine tools are used to machine the contact clamp according to your individual tolerances. At the same time, you receive a drilled cooling system whose openings are securely sealed with welded-in copper plugs. On account of our high quality standard, all weld seams are fully inspected using dye penetrant testing. Furthermore, each individual contact pad is subjected to a pressure test with water or air. In this way, we ensure that only high-quality contact clamp are used in your furnace. Forged pressure ring segments made of copper are increasingly used in special submerged arc furnaces (SAFs) or in smelting processes using a Söderberg electrode. By forging these components, which press the contact pad onto the electrode, we achieve an extremely fine-grained structure that is highly pressure-tight and exhibits optimum mechanical properties. Thanks to excellent thermal conductivity and high corrosion resistance, the copper segments have a significantly longer service life than conventional steel constructions. At the same time, the servicing work is reduced. We advise you in questions of design, construction and implementation – our specialists will also have the right answers for your specific application. Thanks to many years of working in partnerships, we can also provide you with competent and reliable support in relation to hydraulic accessories.