Forged and Cast Lance tip

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We will supply you with your optimum head

Lance tip made of forged precursor material – only here can you obtain a lance tip that is optimised for your specific application. We support you in choosing a forged head with comprehensive advice on process technology and metallurgy – exclusively based on your individual production parameters and production needs.

Benefit from our expertise:

Product details

As a competent full-service provider, the Saar-Metall-Gruppe will supply you with the full range of lance tips, as well as accessories for use in your converter. These include:

  • oxygen lance tips for
    • das Linz-Donawitz-Verfahren the Linz-Donawitz (LD) process, also known as the basic oxygen process (BOP),
    • das AOD-Verfahren the argon oxygen decarburisation (AOD) process,
    • das VOD-Verfahren the vacuum oxygen decarburisation (VOD) process and
    • das RH-Verfahren the Ruhrstahl-Heraeus (RH) process;
  • sub-lance tips;
  • PC lance and PC distributor;
  • converter outlet burners.

LD process

Our traditional, forged lance tip is firmly positioned and established on the market thanks to its good functional characteristics and long service life. For decades, it has been used to our customers’ satisfaction in steel works across the globe. High conductivity, sophisticated cooling-water flow and complete mechanical processing – now, as before, these are the characteristics that guarantee the success of our traditional, forged lance tip. Constant testing according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 during production ensures error-free welded joints between the copper components and the steel elements of the forged lance tip.

Our newly developed and patented monolithic lance tip, made from a single-part, solid forging blank, impresses in particular with its excellent service life. Combined with improved process control and increased operational reliability, the Monolith™ therefore contributes to reducing your production costs.

Both the blast nozzles and the entire cooling system of the monolithic lance tip were completely redesigned and optimised in an extensive development project. It goes without saying that we guarantee the greatest possible conductivity (according to IACS) and maximum accuracy thanks to complete CNC machining.

You receive a design that is specially designed for and tailored to your process parameters – in this way, we not only ensure the minimum edge wear on the nozzles but also achieve service lives in our lance tips that were previously considered impossible.

The monolithic lance tip is specially designed for your individual production parameters, optimising your production process and therefore helping to reduce your production costs.

The cast lance tip can also look back on a long tradition in the Saar-Metall-Gruppe. Design that is specialised for your process conditions with regard to the number of diffusors and the cooling characteristics – the cast lance tip also stands out with its individual adaptation to your requirements. Thanks to modern machining centres, the homogeneous cast component is further processed to the stage of installation readiness in accordance with the tolerances shown on your drawings. Constant testing according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 during production ensures error-free welded joints between the copper components and the steel elements of the cast lance tip. A consistent quality standard and cost-optimised production processes allow us to offer you a competitive lance tip under even the toughest market conditions.

AOD/VOD/RH processes

As a full-service provider, we will of course provide you with all possible lance tips for Sonderfrischeverfahren and/or for all areas of secondary steel making. Just get in touch – we are sure that we will be able to present or develop a solution for your specific application.

Sub-lance tips

Sub-lance tips are responsible for keeping the temperature and carbon content of molten steel in the converter under control. We are able to design all common types of sub-lance tips specially for your requirements and to produce them on a customer-specific basis.

PC lances/PC distributor/outlet burners

PC lances make it possible to increase the proportion of scrap in the LD process and therefore to configure the pig iron/scrap ratio more flexibly.

PC distributor are responsible for keeping the lower part of the lance free of steel and slag incrustations (so-called “caking”) during the blowing process. Outlet burners are used to remove any “caking” that forms at the converter outlet quickly and in a controlled manner. For this purpose, the outlet burners are welded onto the existing lance and the “caking” is melted off using replaceable deflectors without damaging the converter’s brickwork.

Thanks to decades of experience, coupled with constant further development and consistent customer orientation, we are your competent point of contact for all types of oxygen lance tips and other accessories.