Open die Forgings

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2,000 tonnes give form to your ideas

Our 2,000-tonne open die forge allows us to forge both pure copper and all common copper alloys into the shape you specify. We can also machine parts according to your drawings on our conventional and CNC machine tools.

Benefit from our expertise:

Product details

For more than 75 years, we have been forging and machining parts from copper and copper alloys for all conceivable applications. Whether you need plates, rods, blocks or individual components according to your specific drawings – with our extensive expertise, we will shape our precursor materials according to your wishes. We only use precursor materials from qualified and certified copper producers. This ensures that our forged parts exhibit long-lasting and consistent quality.

In addition to unfinished forged components, we can also supply ready-to-install parts thanks to our modern machine tools. Please contact us – our experts will be delighted to advise and support you in finding a solution to your problem.