Continuous Casting Moulds for Steel and Non-Ferrous Metal Production

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Our mould for your continuous casting – a unified whole

The Saar-Metall-Gruppe offers all common types of copper moulds for continuous casting of steel and non-ferrous metals – regardless of the type (slab, bloom or billet) and shape (round, rectangular, square or in a special format).

Benefit from our expertise:

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Thanks to many years of expertise with materials and machining, we are your competent point of contact for any conceivable copper-mould design. Today, the most common mould materials are the copper alloys Copper Silver (CuAg) and Copper Chromium Zirconium (CuCrZr). Both alloys have in common that, compared to non-alloyed copper, they exhibit greater hardness and/or strength and a significantly higher recrystallisation temperature. This allows us to achieve improvements in our moulds’ service lives. In terms of thermal conductivity, CuAg is at the level of non-alloyed copper and CuCrZr still reaches values of around 80% of the maximum value. Thanks to our modern CNC machines, we ensure the maximum possible accuracy of the moulds, which have narrow tolerances. In order to further extend service life, the working surface of the moulds that comes into contact with the fluid raw material is, as a rule, electroplated. Here, we work exclusively with long-term and certified partners so that we can guarantee a high and consistent level of quality for the hard chrome or thick nickel plating that is used. The platings also allow avoidance of surface defects (cracks) due to direct contact between the copper mould and the cast strand. Different thicknesses of nickel plating offer you the possibility of multiple subsequent machinings before the entire plating must be renewed.